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Fun Songs

Some links to some of the cool worship songs we sing in school.

Song Can you Feel the love tonight

Bethany choir singing for you!

Song Shotgun

Bethany choir singing a favouite- Shotgun.

Song Stand by me

A cool choir song you can join in with.

Song Sing

Sing along with our choir singing Sing!

Singing warm up The Horrible House

A sound effect song!

Singing warm up Rubber chicken

A crazy energetic warm up!

Words to go with St Clement's Super hero video. Now it's your turn!

Corona time Hero Rap by St Clement's

Please make one for them too!

Singing warm up Lickety split

A tongue twister call and response warm up for your voice.

Singing warm up- ' If you're feeling grumpy'

Sing along with this to bring a smile to your face- then sing it to your family! Can you make up your own?

Brain break Grandma Grandma

This is a great brain break in between learning. Sing it then tell a riddle or joke!

Singing warm up Boom chik a boom

Try this with your family. Make up your own accent or sing it in a different language!

Singing warm up AEIOU

A singing warm up to stretch your singing and help your diction!

Singing warm up Rum tum tum

A silly singing warm up. Be creative and add your own verses!

Singing warm up Coco cola

A fun action singing warm up

Song City on a hill Yr 2

Sing along to this action song with Year 2!

Singing warm up Hi, my name is Brad

A funny character song- can you make your own verses about people in your family or friends?