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Reward & Recognition

House Points

All children at Bethany CE Junior School are placed in to one of 4 houses:





The children then earn house points for effort in their learning, exemplary behaviour in the classrooms, corridors and playground and for displaying the characteristics of the 4C's (confidence, compassion, curiosity, creativity). 

Once the children gain a certain number of house points, they will receive a certificate:

50 house points: Bronze

100 house points: Silver

200 house points: Gold

250 house points: Double Bronze

300 house points: Double Silver

400 house points: Double Gold (a gold and purple tie is presented)

500 house points: Platinum (a framed certificate is presented)

600 house points: Ruby (a book token is presented)

700 house points: Emerald 

800 house points: Sapphire

900 house points: Diamond

1000 house points: Amethyst


Class Dojo Points (

The children will be rewarded Class Dojo points for exemplary behaviour in the classroom. For example, working well in a team, being ready for learning. The will be able to save up their dojo points to 'purchase' treats:

20 – change Dojo character

40 – 15 mins IPad time 

60 – game time with friend 

80 – swap seat with teacher

100 – juice and biscuit with Mr Woodward or Mr Bielby

150 – 3D print a toy.


4C's Certificates (Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence)

This terms focus: Compassion

The class teacher will be choosing children from their class to receive a 4C's Value postcard. Your children will receive this to take home if they have demonstrated one of the school values.