Parents: when on school grounds dropping off/collecting your child, please wear a face mask and remain 2m apart from other parents, children and staff. Stay safe, and help us to stay safe too.

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Staying connected during school closure - Survey for BCP Council

Dear Pupils 


We wanted to contact you, because we know school life has been very different, and it seems like a long time since everyone was all together at school.  


We want to give you the chance to have your say about what school life is like now and share your thoughts about what could make it even better, because we would love to share these good ideas with all our schools.  So we have created a survey for you to complete, if you’d like to.


We are really interested in finding out:


- if you still feel like you belong to your school community

- if you're able to keep connections with friends & teachers

- if you're able to join in and take part in lessons & activities

- And also what schools are doing that is helping


The survey does not ask for your name, or the name of your school. The information and ideas you give us will be shared with local schools.  If you use any names within your answers we will not share these.


The survey will be open until 7th May 2020.


If you are happy to take part, please click here to begin the survey


We look forward hearing your views.


Keep safe


BCP Educational Psychology Service

Inclusion & Family Services

Children’s Services 

T. 01202 456388