Parents: when on school grounds dropping off/collecting your child, please wear a face mask and remain 2m apart from other parents, children and staff. Stay safe, and help us to stay safe too.

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Homework - Learning Hub

From Monday 27th April 2020 we will be publishing weekly home learning which will be updated every Monday. 

Access via the relevant Year Learning hub below. 

Learning Hub


The Bethany CE Junior School Learning Hub has been set up to help pupils keep up with their learning during the school closures. 


Class teachers will continue to set work for pupils whilst the school is closed. This will predominantly be on Purple Mash and Education City.  Below are links to each year group’s learning tasks which will be updated weekly. Please remember to keep reading!!!


TT Rockstars may ask for the school postcode. This is BH1 4DJ


If you have any issues, please email


Blogs for Pupils

Each class has a blog on Purple Mash where you can keep in contact with your teacher and classmates. To get to it you simply click on TOOLS on the homescreen, then scroll down and click on 2BLOG. You then simply select the CLASS BLOGS and click on your class.

You can make topic posts, comment on other people’s posts and generally have a good old chat about everything that’s happening while we are away. Remember though, your names are attached to your posts and your teacher will read them so please make sure your comments are kind and appropriate!

Suggested Weekly timetable - Twitter and Youtube based learning from various Education Settings

Emotional Well-being during Isolation

During this time of uncertainty and change, it is as important to look after our emotional well-being as it is our physical health.

There are many ways we can safeguard our emotional and mental well-being during a period of isolation, as well as managing potential stresses and anxieties around the Covid-19 virus.


Maintain a sense of routine – get up and dressed at a reasonable time each day. Eat meals at regular intervals, go to bed at a regular time. Differentiate between weekdays and weekends.


Maintain a healthy diet - be mindful of snacking too much! Spend time cooking/baking healthy food, try to be creative with the food you have in, encourage children to help prepare food – talk about where food comes from, how it grows, how it is prepared etc.

Engage in physical exercise – in the garden or inside, an old fitness DVD, create an obstacle course in the garden, have a skipping competition, jog on the spot – but do take care! Keep windows open for fresh air.


Vary daily activities - eg download podcasts, do some arts and crafts, watch a film together as a family, design a new board game, do some baking, write a letter or a story, read, play board games, create a word search for other family members to do, learn some words in a new language, do some gardening, learn the words to a pop song and have a family concert!


Limit the news – watch or listen just once or twice a day, do not have it on continuously, especially if you have children around or feel anxious about events yourself


Explore other means of contact with people – video calling (via skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc), telephone calls, emails, writing letters or postcards to relatives, sending pictures by post, reading aloud to a relative over video calls etc


Mindfulness – make Mindfulness practice a part of your daily routine. Mindfulness can help us focus on the ‘here and now’ rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Practicing Mindfulness with your children can also help you better understand their perspective and needs and help build a closer relationship. Mindfulness helps us to focus on information coming through our senses at any particular moment, and as such, can help increase our focus and concentration, help us cope with stress and anxiety and help to develop creativity and imagination. There are several website and apps available to support Mindfulness meditation and practice. One example is

Raising money for the NHS 


On Thursday 9th April the children in school completed various 1 minute challenges to raise money in support of our fantastic NHS staff /volunteers. We understand these are difficult times but if you do feel able to donate towards this cause, please go to our 'Just Giving'  page:     


(you'll need to copy and paste the address into a new window. The link doesn't work)



Thank you

Why have we closed? - a social story for pupils